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Al-Maun provides nutritious food to low-middle income people in need, senior citizens, families, individuals, the homeless and all of the under-served in the Las Vegas Community.


The target population consists of individuals and families in the Las Vegas Community who are currently homeless or of low-moderate income (they have an income equal to or less than the low income limit established by HUD. These individuals and families are marginally housed due to paying market rents or living above their means and are therefore at risk of homelessness.


The population served consists of individuals and families who need emergency food assistance and or short term financial assistance for rent, or utility payments. They include the chronically homeless individuals, first time homeless individuals and marginally housed individuals at risk of homelessness.


In previous years, Al-Maun served approx. 5000 people. With the decline of the economy, this year we expect the numbers to increase to serve twice as many or more. 25% of all persons served will be senior citizens.


Al-Maun is desperately needed in the Las Vegas Community. Many low income individuals in our city fall below the poverty level and are therefore prone to suffer from or be at risk of hunger and homelessness. Many households do not have the means to both keep up on their monthly financial obligation and feed their families. As a result, they may fall behind on their rent and other bills, eventually facing eviction and the loss of their permanent housing. Some individuals and families need emergency food assistance to recover from setbacks, but many rely on our emergency food pantry as a steady source of food over a long period of time.


Al-Maun was designed to reduce hunger by providing FREE nutritional bags of groceries, lunch bags and hot meals to low-income senior citizens, families, individuals and the homeless. We provide basic groceries to approximately 250 needy individuals weekly.


Al-Maun has reached the goal of establishing a year-round program that includes weekly food bag distributions and a weekly feeding of the homeless in the community. Over 150 homeless are feed hot meals each week. 100 lunch bags are prepared and distributed daily to the ever growing homeless population.


Al-Maun currently supports the nutrition program through private donations and fundraisers. No services or charges are required in exchange for meals or food bags.


Al-Maun has an established grocery distribution on Fridays from 2:00 to 3:00 pm. Services are provided at 711 Morgan Ave., Las Vegas, NV. Grocery bag assistance is provided to families up to a maximum of 4 times per month.


Al-Maun also provides services to clients that are walk-ins or referrals from other agencies.


The short-term goals for Al-Maun are to provide immediate relief to those in need by providing nutritional meals and groceries. The low-moderate income individuals and families will experience an immediate reduction of hunger due to receiving emergency food. The major tasks necessary to realize this outcome is that Al-Maun maintain current food recovery efforts with local vendors and faith congregations as well as seek an additional source for food recovery. Approximately 30,000 lbs of in-kind food will be recovered.


The long term goals for Al-Maun are to operate an emergency food pantry and a satellite food pantry for senior citizens, individuals and families. Clothing vouchers and hygiene items are also available to assist individuals in need.


The program also provides direct financial assistance for the following services dependent on available funds: identification assistance, birth certificate assistance, bus passes, employment support (work cards), rental assistance and utility assistance.


The low-moderate income households will experience a reduction in barriers to maintaining self-sufficiency.


Al-Maun programs have a positive track record of providing its services to the Las Vegas Community for over 10 years. The program has implemented new approaches to existing services and has adjusted its policies and procedures to facilitate access to services for needy individuals, families and senior citizens.

Al-Maun has been successful in developing and implementing its programs, which has gained recognition in the Las Vegas community.


The effectiveness of the program is measured by its ability to maintain effective food recovery efforts and to provide the services free of cost to those in need.


All Al-Maun Programs are open to all people, regardless of faith. Al-Maun prohibits discrimination.