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Al-Maun House for Muslim Women is a facility designed for Muslim women and their children who are in need of temporary housing/shelter due to family or financial problems.


The Mission of HFMW is to provide Muslim women and children facing hardship (i.e. homelessness, financial crisis and new converts) with a safe, temporary shelter.


We have an epidemic in the United States which is affecting this Muslim Ummah, specifically women and children. It is the obligation and duty to take care of our sisters and young children.


Qualifications: These guidelines were created so that HFMW is able to help as many sisters as possible, who are truly in need and do not have any alternative plan of action for homelessness.


  1. New converts

  2. Sisters who are on the verge of homelessness due to no employment, etc…

  3. Physically or mentally abused the sister is still required to seek a written divorce but she may eligible to apply for residency before her Iddah (90 days) is completed.

  4. Emergency situations…


HFMW is temporary short term residency. It is not for permanent or long term residency.


Samples of Ineligibility:


  1. A sister waiting on her green card. We are not an immigration assistance service. 

  2. A sister who chooses to come to the U.S. to pursue a degree, leave her family and country, and then finds it too difficult to survive financially.

  3. A sister decides to divorce her husband for a reason that is not permissible in Islam. 

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