Congressman André Carson visits

Congressman Carson, only the second Muslim member of Congress and the first appointed to the House Intelligence Committee, took time out of his busy schedule to meet with Muslim youth leaders and the congregation of Masjid as Sabur.

The visit which was organized by UNLV sophomore Talibah Abdul Wahid and community pillar Dr. Qazi was highlighted by a lively two hour Q and A session. Jobs, discrimination, technology, the onus placed upon this generation of young people to lead, and how the role of Rep. Carson on the Intelligence Committee can be of benefit to Muslims in general and to the people of Las Vegas in particular were just a few of the items discussed during the sometimes raucous gathering of close to 100 people including representatives of the LVMPD.

Mr. Carson promised to return and continue the discussion and while we look forward to hosting his next visit, we would like to offer a hearty "Well Done" to Ms. Abdul-Wahid and Dr. Qazi.

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